Frosting...So Whats That All About ?

At Wax Magic Home Fragrance ® and previously we used several different types and quantities of soy-based wax to make our base blend. This would then be heated and blended together over a period of time and when it was just right, we would then add all the pretty colours and fragrance oils to then pour and make the beautiful wax melts products you have all grown to associate with Wax Magic Home Fragrance ®.

We have had to take the decision to change our base blends as one of the essential waxes that we used in our previous blend, has now become obsolete, so we have had to replace this with an alternative base blend which we have developed ourselves. This process of developing a base blend unique to Wax Magic Home Fragrance ®. We have spent around four months developing and testing this new base blend and we believe we now have it perfect. However, we have found that sometimes our final product now encounter “frosting” once they have set, and we simply refuse to entertain using additives into our products as we want to remain a company that provides 100% soy wax products.

So..What is frosting ?

Frosting is when a white crystalline layer forms on the surface of natural waxes such as soy. This is a perfectly natural effect of soy wax and only occurs throughout all type’s vegetable waxes. Frosting takes place when the natural soy wax used to make our wax melts, tries to return to its natural state once it has been poured.

Many vendors and wax professionals (and trust us, we have spoken to many over this last few months) state that frosting is an indication that you are using 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax in itself can be very temperamental at the best of times, however we have found, unlike our old base blend, that the new base blend is extremely temperamental when we are making our melts and it maybe that in one order you may find all your melts are perfect, and in the next you have some frosting on them.

We have tried our best by way of changing out method of manufacture to combat this, however we have found that its simply hit and miss.

So..Does frosting effect how is smells and looks when melted ?

Absolutely not. When a soy based wax product develops frosting, no matter how much frosting occurs, the scent throw and associated pools from the wax melt is not effected in the slightest.

So..What does frosting look like ?

Below is a selection of images that demonstrate to the points above. You should note, that should a product frost so bad, we will remove it from sale so every product you receive should not contain any major frosting.