About Our Wax Blend

We receive many questions on a daily basis about the content of our wax blend. We have spent many months perfecting our wax blend to ensure you receive value for money with products that not only look great, but also smell great and last. 

Our wax blend is predominently soy but we have introduced a small amount of paraffin to enhance the scent throw and prevent frosting which is common with soy only blends. We have rigorously tested this with people who suffer with chest issues and with people that suffer migraines & headaches, if a paraffin content is high. We stand by our blend and can assure you it has created no negative effects and certainly improves the wax. Your safety and wellbeing is at the front of everything we manufacture.

If you have any concerns prior to making a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at sales@wax-magic.com.

All our products are fully CLP compliant and we are fully insured.