Open Boxes - What Are They & How Do The Work

Open Box (Whats It All About ?)

So.. What is an Open Box. We have so many people message us not sure of exactly what it is let alone how to use it. With this in mind, we have created this page to try and help explain what it is, and more importantly, how to use it.

Well, in short, it allows you to place multiple orders, over a period of time, and have it all shipped to you in one go, and not when we want to ship it, but when you want it shipped. This means you only pay one lot of postage (slightly higher rate than standard flat rate postage) rather than postage every time you place a smaller order. Sounds good right...

We have designed our Open Box facility with complete simplicity in mind. Our back of house software does all the hard work and takes the headache away from you. In addition, if you have a registered account with us, you can log in any time and see all your orders that make up your Open Box in addition to all your previous orders.

There is a 3 month time limit that you can leave your box open for, however there is no weight restriction.

Below we have listed a basic step by step guide of how to use our Open Box feature.

Step 1 (Opening & Adding to an Open Box)

Place all your items in your shopping cart as you normally would if you were making a normal purchase.

Step 2 (Checking Out)

When you are finally ready to check out, head to your cart and process through the check out screens as if you were making a normal purchase for shipping. However, when you get the shipping/delivery methods you will be presented with a number of options. To place your order into an Open Box, simply select any postage option then you MUST enter "Openbox" in the discount code box (see image below).

By doing this is will allocate free shipping to your order and when we receive the order it will signal us to place that order into an Open Box for you.

If you do not enter to code as above, your order will be shipped as it will attract a postage charge.

PLEASE NOTE: As our system will only allow one discount to be applied per order, you will not be allowed to redeem any Magic Points until you place your close box order.

If in the future you want to add more items, just follow the exact same process. 

Step 3 (Closing Your Open Box)

Now, assuming you have filled your Open Box to the brim, and that you are ready to close it and have it all delivered or want to collect it, follow the process below.

(PLEASE NOTE: To close your Open Box, you must make a purchase, as an Open Box cannot be closed without making a purchase).

So, you’re in your shopping cart and you’re ready to close. Make sure you read BOTH procedures below as they differ depending on whether you want your order shipped or are collecting it.

Open Box (For Collection)

When in your cart, before you click the checkout button, enter "Close My Open Box" in the message box (See image below).

Once you have done this click Checkout and complete your purchase in the normal way making sure you select pick up before proceeding to the payment screen (See image below).

Open Box (For Delivery)

So you want your Open Box closed and shipped.

Simply proceed through the checkout process and when you arrive at the shipping methods, select "Close My Open Box (For Delivery) then proceed through the payment pages. (See image below). This will signal us to ship your entire Open Box.


We hope this helps, we are always here if you need additional help, feel free to contact us anytime using our main email address which is sales@wax-magic.com or alternatively use the live chat on the home page.

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