Stock Rotation - Why We Do It

First, we do not do weekly and or monthly restocks. This is something we decided upon right from the first day that Wax Magic Home Fragrance commenced trading, as we wanted to make sure that stocks were always available for our customers at any time. However, over the last two years we have seen our master scent list grow and grow to the point where we now have over 125 different scents, and we find it difficult to hold stock items in every scent. 



So, moving forward, we have decided to try something a little bit different, instead of having so many scents all available at one time we will be changing and amending things monthly. There will be approximately 50-60 scents to choose from. but each month some will stay and carry on to the next month, and some will be replaced with something completely different. Each new scent will be available for a few months before it disappears, and even when it has gone, it may still come back at a later date. We feel this is the best way to be able to offer all the new scents that suppliers release without having a never-ending scent list.