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A beautiful selection of soy blend wax melts in different shapes, sizes and colours to infuse you home, office or general workplace. All these are available in a scent of your choice. Please note that all items in this catagory are stock items, and therfore could take up to 3-5 days to reach you from the point of order. Please note if you also have any made to order items delivery may be delayed while your item is made. If you have any concerns or simply have a question, please feel free to contact us using the button at the bottom of this page.

1oz Pot

Little 1oz Pot Shots. Perfect as a sample to try out a new scent. Available in all fragrances. Each little pot weighs approximately 25g to 30g. Perfec... view details

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2oz Pot

Little 2oz Pot. Perfect substitute for the discontinued chunky snap bars. Available in all fragrances. Each little pot weighs approximately 50g to 55g... view details

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Buzzi Bees

Three pretty little hexagonal wax melts with either have honeycomb or buzzi bees on the top. Each melt weighs approximately 15g, with the entire packa... view details

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Segment Pot

6 ideally sized easy snap segments. Each segment the perfect amount for your warmer. Each little pot weighs approximately 50g. Also keeps your wax fre... view details

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Snap Bar Clam

So, we all loved the old Chunky Snap Bars, but unfortunately we had to discontinue them. So to replace these well loved bars, we now have these snap b... view details

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